Services for companies

JAUSAS’ China Desk usually works with large corporations and big companies but also medium size enterprises because the goal of our department is to help Chinese investors to find their path and achieve success when they enter the Spanish Market. We have a deep knowledge of different attractive sectors for foreign investors, such as the wine and olive sectors, or the textile and real estate market.
Thanks to our multinational work team -the manager of this department is a Chinese lawyer- we are able to provide a realistic approach to the interests and demands of our Chinese clients.

  • M&A
  • Planning and constitution of companies, entities and organizations
  • Design of national and international business and cooperation structures
  • Design of management structures
  • Legal defense of the partners' interests
  • By-laws and shareholders' agreements
  • Advice for the management and administration of the companies in general and specifically regarding their responsibilities
In early 2012 the Spanish Administration undertook a legal reform of the labour market that has resulted in a qualitative change of approach. The measures approved and already implemented have favoured the flexibilization of the labour market through, amongst others, a revamping of the hiring and dismissal processes. JAUSAS offers comprehensive labour related legal advice on the establishment of a company in Spain:
  • Opening of businesses and work centres
  • Employment and senior management contracts
  • Types of employment contracts
  • Social Security matters
  • Amendment of contractual terms
  • Implementation of new working shifts
  • Geographic mobility
  • Wage Policies
Advice throughout the term of the employment contract regarding labour conflicts such as workers' claims, dismissals and sanctions, and advice on inspections carried out by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security authorities
  • Design of international corporate structures taking into account the tax aspects of the operations
  • Tax planning of investments to third countries through Spanish holding companies (ETVE)
  • Tax planning of foreign investments coming into Spain.
  • Tax planning regarding capital gains, dividends and interest
  • Advice on the tax issues related to international trade and transactions
  • Advice on international transference price policies
  • Tax planning regarding displacements of personnel
  • Taxation of non-residents in Spain and of Spanish residents abroad